Mikkel Keldorf Media are among the leading producers of virtual reality (VR) and 360 degrees video.
Collaborating with distributers in USA and Denmark we deliver stories told in this new amazing media.

How to watch these videos:

If you have a pair of VR-goggles, you probaly know what to do.
If you have a fairly new smartphone then open the video in your YouTube-app and move the phone around.
If your are on you desktop computer then use the letters A,W,S and D to look around in the video or drag with the mouse.

NB: Remember headphones!

‘Beyond the Wall’

VR documentary film putting you in the shoes of Honduran migrants heading for USA.
The film is developed in collaboration with the award winning L.A. studio RYOT.
It has been featured on two of the world’s biggest VR platforms; LittlStar and Samsung VR.
The film debuted on CPH:DOX in 2018 and is a part of Danmarks Radio’s VR education platform.

Link to YouTube app: Click here

‘Rains Runway’

A VR experience made with Danish fashion brand Rains.
The costumers are invited to a front row experience of their latest collection.

Link to Youtube App: Click here

‘In the Beginning’

A documentary about the making of the award winning jazz album “In the Beginning” with Kira Skov and Maria Faust.
The video is shot in church in Estonia and has artist brought in from all over the World.

Link to YouTube app: Click here

‘Interview: VR filmmaking’

Here is a short interview with Mikkel Keldorf about the new technology and how it works.
The interview was given to Estonian tv in 2016 while shooting the VR documentary “In the Beginning”.

‘VR in hospitals’

A project made in collaboration with Rigshospitalet and a variety of Danish amusement parks and sights.
The idea is to bring life-like experiences to young long term patients on the hospital to take them out of their limited environment.

Read more about the project here

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