Mikkel Keldorf Media usually negotiates a fixed price with the costumer for a given video production.

Together we estimate the total amount of hours needed to produce the video (pre-interview, filming, editing and delivery). This ensures that the costumer gets a fair price and does not end up paying more than expected.

Mikkel Keldorf Media can deliver very competitive prices on video productions with the use of a video-journalist. This means one man is doing the entire production instead of a journalist AND a cameraman. High quality at a low cost.

The standard prices are:

  • 1 video-journalist:                                                                 1.500 DKK/hour (+ tax/moms)
  • 1 journalist + 1 cameraman:                                               3.000 DKK/hour (+tax/moms)
  • Equipement (1 camera, 1 microphone and 1 tripod):    1.000 DKK/day (+tax/moms)
  • Extra equipment (microport, GoPro and rig):                   500 DKK/day (+tax/moms)

The specific price for a project of course depends on the type of work, long term/short term projects, geography and working conditions.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mikkel Keldorf Media to get an offer on a project.


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