By combining journalistic tools and communication strategies with video productions made in collaboration with some of the industries
top photographers, editors and graphic
designers you are guaranteed a unique video with a straight message.

Mikkel Keldorf Media does not only make your video,
but we make your company’s message and values come out crystal clear.

Product video: Marmennill bikinis

The documentary style is a Mikkel Keldorf Media trademark and we are specialized in creating videos with high credibility
using the natural environments for your company. So of course we went to the Philippines to shoot this bikini brand video.

Company Presentation: Freja Transport & Logistics

In our company presentations we use music and editing to create the right pace.
We incorporate the newest technology and techniques like e.g. drones to make your video stand out.

Animation: Meet Over Coffee

Animation video is a very effective way to communicate a message with a lot of information. A big part of making a great explainer
is clear communication. So when making these types of videos, our most important task is to help make complex things super simple.

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