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profile-circleMikkel Keldorf Media is a video production company owned and run by Danish journalist Mikkel Keldorf.

The company delivers high quality video productions for TV stations and private companies.

Mikkel Keldorf has produced everything from international documentaries, company presentations, portraits and news reports.

Quality, creativity and adventurousness characterizes every production.


-We had a brilliant presentation video made by MKM. It was suited perfectly to our needs. A wonderful package at a good price.

— Zaedo Musa | Director of the 2014 Roskilde University Case Competition —




‘The Price of the World Cup’ is a documentary directed and produced by Mikkel Keldorf Media.

It recieved worldwide media attention before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil for showing the dark sides of the tournament.

The documentary has been viewed more than 625.000 times on YouTube.

Here are some examples of the media coverage:





Name: Mikkel Keldorf

Phone: +45 27291019

Mail: mtkjensen@gmail.com

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